Best Way to change pedals on a bike?

As a person who is bike a starter and gets the fear of how you can replace with the new pedals is a tricky question. Don’t you worry; the answer is not so tuff. When you will see that your pedals has loosened much that before and feels like it will slip that’s the time to change. It takes very few minutes to install it with some tools. But make sure to take some time to adjust it so that in future you can easily take them off.

  • Place the bike on equal area: Before starting the entire process, at first make your bike stand in on a flat area with upright position. If you have any difficulty then you can lean it on also.


  • Fix the wrench you’ll need: Here see the metal part of the pedals. If you see that the metal arm is flat then you’ll need 15mm pedal wrench for adult’s bike and 14mm pedal wrench for kid’s bike. If you cannot find the wrench flat then you’ll need 6mm Allen key wrench as a tool to fix the pedal up.


  • Place the wrench on the right pedal: Remember always start with the right pedal. If you see the arm of the pedal is flat spanner then place the wrench between crank arm and pedal. Place the wrench in such a way that it will wrap the half part of the arm. If you use Allen key then place the wrench on the hexagonal end of spanner at the end part of pedal.


  • Rotate the wrench anticlockwise at the right pedal: If you use a pedal wrench then rotate half and lift the wrench off. Make sure to hold on the opposite part of pedal to work accurately. Here replace again the wrench to make another half rotation. Now continue to crank on the anticlockwise till it will fully loosen up. And if you use the Allen key wrench then crank on the clockwise until it will be loosed up. If it comes out in a good condition place it into safe place because you can use it in future.


  • Rotate the wrench clockwise at the left pedal: The left pedal stays opposite thread of right pedal. You can use pedal wrench or Allen key wrench as per the arm and make sure to crank it in clockwise until the pedal comes out.


  • Use water proof grease for pedals hole: The grease will keep the pedals hole in a way to prevent the seizing situation for the future when you will again change it. Use enough grease so that it covers the full thread of the pedal.


  • Notice the new right pedal to the pedals hole: You can recognize the right pedal by the mark “R” and left pedal by the mark “L”. Remember never push the pedals hole you may break it if you do so.


  • Use the rotate range clockwise to fix right pedal: In this process you can use the mentioned wrench to fix the pedal. Wrap the wrench jaws in a way so that it covers the new pedals wrench flat. Here crank the wrench in clockwise until it tightens fully.


  • Use the rotate range anticlockwise to fix left pedal: Here along with all the process just crank the wrench anticlockwise till pedals completely tightens up.


  • Check the new pedals: You can pull the pedals to check whether the pedals are fixed quietly or not to ensure the safety. If you find still it isn’t completely tightened then ensure to tighten it. Now adjust the pedals with the bearings and spin it a few more time casually as the new pedals with bearing are sometimes remain as jammed or run slowly.

change pedals

How to put on bike pedals?

Naturally you can put the pedals on any bike within few seconds with some initial tools and by cranking up the wrench clockwise and anticlockwise.

How to change pedals on bicycles?

change pedals

The Bicycle or road bikes has the same feature so if you in general follow up the total technique what I said already then you can easily install the bicycle pedals. But there is one more thing if you have any old used pedal which condition is good then you can install with it too. It will save you from wasting the stuffs and money.

How to fit Bike pedal?

You can fit the bike pedal all with yourself. In this process you will need a wrench for the adult bikes of 15mm and if you are fixing for a kid’s bike then you will need the wrench size 14mm. With the help of wrench and some certain mentioned process hope this will definitely help you.


Well concluding everything in just few lines always put myself in a dilemma but let’s makes it happen. The pedal is such an important part of a bike where you can put your leg on and can run the entire process. Without pedaling you will not be able to do the biking or cycling. In this process it’s necessary to choose a pedal and fix it in time so that no danger can come. So that’s how the process goes. Have fun!