How can you put air into your tires?

Are you worried about how can you put air into your loving vehicle? Well… maintaining air of your usable road bike’s tire is one of the easiest things you can do within few minutes. Before putting air you must also know how much air is needed for the tire. It’s always to find on anything in Google is kind of really boring. So, hold your breath as I have got some steps to share with you!

  • Park your bike nearby the air pump: The foremost duty at first is to put the bike to the nearest place of the air pump. When you will put it like this way it will minimize complications.
  • Detach the valve stem caps: By deforming the valve stem caps, keep it in a safety place from where you can easily find it as you will need it again. This cap is a kind of shield to the valve stem.
  • Fill air to the tire: Automatic air compressors are more expensive than manual compressors. If you can have the manual way with bicycle pump but it will lose your energy to air up the tire. After finishing stop pump up.
  • Use tire pressure gauge: When you will finish off pumping your tire you need something which can measure what if the tire needs to lose some air or to put more air. Adjusting with valve stem it will show by its meter.
  • Put on the valve stem caps: The moment you will know that you have got the right air pressure you can put on the valve stem caps again.
  • Ready to back on the street: When you will be finished up all the steps that means now you’re ready to use your air full tire’s bike on the streets.

put air into tires

How much air should be into the tires?

The air capacity depends on the size of the tire. In natural the typical tires for road bikes need to be 32-35 pounds with the Per Square Inch (PSI). The largest tires sometimes should be 50-60 pounds with PSI. So in this case the road bikes will be needed 32-35 pounds of air with the Per Square Inch.

How to check air of tires?

The instruments with which the air can be checked are called Tire Pressure Gauge. With the help of this device, you can easily check through from the valve stem point. There is a dialer in the device where it shows how much air is needed or is it filled with the necessary amount of air. This dialer will give you your direction.

How to put air in the tire?

There are 2 ways to put air in the tire. The automatic air compressors and the manual air pump are the ones I’m talking about. By using the automatic air compressors cost much money for the service and takes less time to fill. And the manual air pump can be bought with less amount of money, spends much time to fill and in the outside station costs less money for the service.


If you were in a confusing state or didn’t know about putting air into the pump then by now you must be clear about it. Always remember to follow the steps in this case. There are no better ways which can be adopted for thin and fat tires air fill up. You can do all the processes by yourself. If you cannot properly air up your tires then you can also take help from mechanics. Enjoy!