First Time Road Biking: Tips?

It says happiness cannot buy but a road biking does. A road bike is almost everything in just one package. You can travel through bare fields, straight streets, nearby sea areas and through the mountains.

By cycling anyone can get the feel of exercise on leg, hand, muscles along with cardio workouts and will save your gym’s money. A without pollution vehicle with all the benefits can be your style in this modern world. You may get the fear as a beginner but I got solutions for you!

  • Beats of cycling: When you will ride a road bike definite you should know that cycling works as beat. In case of changing beats you will also shift gears to run the bike smoothly. You can use the pedals of 80-100 in every minute. If there’s any difficulty to pedal in an average beat then probably the riding was in high gear level so you must shift into the lower gear. The gear needs to shift as per the resistance also.
  • Productive Pedaling: Skillful pedaling can be recognized through pushing to the down stroke and pulling to the upper stroke. Whenever you will pedal make sure to give more pressure by using your lower part of toe. It can imagine as jumping into the rainy water by pressuring on leg. This will help to run better than before.
  • Shifting Gears: In any general road bikes, you can use the five parts to shift the gears. They are front chain rings, chains, rare cassettes, shifters and derailleur. Left shifter will help to large jump with the resistance of pedals. You will only shift at once, drop chain from chainrings or cassette and make cross chaining.
  • Braking Technique: The left brake lever works with a front brake and the right brake lever works with rare brake. So as a beginner you must use both brake at the same time to keep the balance.
  • Look while riding: When as a beginner you will ride always keep your eyes 25-30 feet ahead so that the obstacles can be out looked. Never look at the front wheel and see where you are heading to. Always keep your vision clear.
  • Turning your bike: At the time before turning at first brake then slow down the speed and then turn. Turn your bikes body by using handle bar and pedal and when you will finally turn star the pedaling again. This is how you can turn your bike.

road biking

How to ride a road bike properly?

As a Beginner when you will follow the steps of beats, pedals, gears, brakes, the outer fix look and the turning technique can help you to ride a bike in a proper way. The more you’ll practice the more you will be able to run the bike smoothly so there’s no exception rather than practicing.

How to ride a bike on the street?

To me very surprisingly the riding from any spectrum has been easy when I got more confidence and whenever I look forward all the fears just fades away. If you are about to start riding then just believe in yourself and follow every step and in case of emergency take atmost initiative that’s how you’ll ride your dream bike.

Racing Road Biking:

Sometimes it’s really interesting to ride a racing bike and most of the time it’s considered risky. But remember if you want to ride a racing bike then along with the steps you will need to add more equipment in it.

You will surely need to change the handlebar into something which doesn’t slip, need extra gears, need to change the pedals into something more strongly. If you’ll follow the things I said then believe into yourself that you are ready to ride a road bike now.


In every family, there’s at least one person who wants to ride a bike. If there are necessary arrangements to safety and precaution and a really good configured bike then make a budget and move towards your first dream bike.

There’s nothing impossible when I person tries hard to learn something new. But remember without proper practicing don’t go through the hilly and ocean areas. Enjoy the fullest!