How to do a wheels on a bike?

A wheels is something that can surely impress others especially among friends. It’s the most time killing activity and needs to practice a lot for it. There are certain tricks that make it easier to learn. If you have the ability to balance then you have good point to learn or else it will be difficult for you. You can make it by accelerating with pulling high the wheels upon the two wheels. So let’s learn process now!

  • Adjust the seat to middle position: For the very first step you need to adjust the seat to the middle position of a bike. When doing the wheels it seems the seat will come forward and backward which creates interrupts in this procedure. To avoid this interruption you need to adjust the seat nearly middle position of your bike.
  • Make lower gear: It’s better to go through slowly for the first attempt. The more you will take time to the fist wheels it will be flawless. For the reason you need to put the gear lower into 1-1 to the 1-3 practice.
  • Choose broad area to practice: In this step you can choose a broad area which can be a park, or any bare field. The benefit is you can pull off the wheels and build up right. Broad area will help you not to turn too much for the perfect wheeling practice.
  • Use cycling technique to speed up: As everything is in a right place now try cycling with some speed. This will help you with the pedal to be flexible enough to run quickly for the wheels attempt.
  • Hold pedal with strongest foot: As you were cycling to speed up more now use your strongest foot for the practice. Make sure to cycle with that foot until you can reach the pedal with 2.0 clock rotation.
  • Time to push down the leg and pull high: It is time; you will use your strongest leg on the pedal. Start with quickly accelerating and with pulling up the front wheel you can try to lean on backward wheel. Once you’re successful in this step, you’ll make it.
  • Shift body weight back and forth: When you will pull the front wheel high makes sure to put your body weight on the back and forth of the bike. Probably it will take a little more time to your wheels but keep it up.
  • Use rear brake to stop: When you will see that it is becoming a little tough to stay up high, or you want to stop then use the rear brake. The moment you’ll use rear brake you will stop the practice and can take a break or restart from the beginning.

wheels on a bike 

How to do a wheels on a bike or motorcycle?

You can do a wheels by following the steps I’m going to say. This will definitely help you to fulfill your dream of wheels on a motorcycle. At first you need to take safety precaution so wear necessary gears as sometimes it seems dangerous to ride in a motorcycle too.

After that use a long road or any place where cars or people don’t go often. You need long space to practice in a motorcycle. Then you can start riding with your first gear of 25-30 kilometers per hour. After that keep riding until the torque speed is enough near RMP 6000 meter.

Now slowly move the front wheel up by putting the body weight into back wheel side. Then lean the front wheel on the floor to stop wheeling make sure to ease off throttle to run in a normal speed. Finally, you can do wheels on a motorcycle and have fun.

How to do a wheels on a mountain type of bike?

You have already your answer. If you can ride a bike and do a wheels with it then you can also do the same with mountain bike. But make sure to use extra gears and take the full arrangement of safety.

wheels on a bike

How to do a wheels on any road bike?

People sometimes have the dilemma to differentiate a road bike to a bike. But there’s something that really need to clear about now. The bike and the road bike has similar feature. The road bike and bike are both like synonyms to one another. If you can make it with bike then with the same steps you can follow to do a wheels for the road bike and can impress anyone.

The Conclusion:

A wheels is such kind of practice which is only applicable for the people who are riding bike for a long time. A person needs a lot of practice to do wheels. Wheels is fun for those who love to have fun and enjoy. But we should always keep in mind that if there’s anything that feels dangerous we should avoid that. Happy wheeling!

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