How to shift gears on a bicycle?

How to shift gears  on a bicycle?

At the very first many people gets worried by thinking on how they will change their gears. Come on, there’s nothing to feel shy about learning new things. Gears help to run through long distances without wasting much energy. The reason to put so many gears on bicycle is for any hills you have right gear to encounter your action. Let’s learn how you can shift gears by yourself!

  • Know the total shifters: In any bicycle there are 2 shifters. They are left shifter and right shifter. The left shifter has 3 gears and the right shifter has 7 gears. This both shifters works exact opposite to each other.
  • Pedal to change gears: When you want to change the gear you must keep pedaling. The reason behind pedaling is to derail from the derailleurs of the chain from sprocket to sprocket. The gears won’t shift even after clicking shifters till you start pedaling. Here you’ll hear some creepy sounds.
  • Lighten pedals pressure: In this step you must take the pedal pressure on yourself so that the pedal feels light weighted. The better the lighter pedal will be the easier will be to shift gears. This will prevent the sound too. Now carefully change the gears.
  •  Avoid cross chaining: Make sure to keep the balance with highs with highs and lows with lows. It will remove the sound of ratter and rubs which comes from drive train.
  • Shift back to lower gear: Always remember before stopping is to shift back to lower shortest number of gear. In this section you have combinational work of gear, shifters and pedals. It will take some time to do without any practice. But slowly it will be easier.
  • Get back to the road: Once you shifts all the gears then you must check what if they accurately got fit in or not. If they are not check from fist process to the last. And if you find that everything is okay then enjoy your favorite roads with your bicycle again.


How to shift gears?

How to shift gears

Well, it’s an easy question for now. Before shifting your gears must check what if you need to change or not. Basically the gears attached with road bikes are enough sometimes. But what if it doesn’t satisfy you then follow the above mentioned process and shift into new gears.

How to shift gears on motor cycles?

You can shift gears of motor cycles by following steps. By pushing the pedal lever on the back of brake lever inward to change the left shifter where the right shifters work for fine turning. The small pedal of left shifters will reach towards lower one. The small pedal of right shifters will reach towards higher gear. Then by pedaling adjust gears. So now you have learnt about how you can shift gears for motor cycles too. Thumbs up!

How to shift road bike gears?

Now there’s a huge confusion in here can you guess what that is? Always remember that the road bikes and the bicycles functions are totally similar. If you can adopt the knowledge on shifting the bicycles then you can surely do it for the road bikes too. Same functions for same instrument with same process.


It says there’s no age to learning. Who likes to waste more when the process can be learned? A common mistake is many people try to do without pedaling so that’s when they start learning. As you have learned by now you just achieved another skill of life and won’t have to waste because of mechanics help. Congratulations!