How to replace a bike tube?

If you are riding a bike for a long time then you may face the situation where you’ll have to replace the tube. The tube basically got damage because of puncture or with the flats. The tube replacement skill is a mandatory skill for a biker in case of any emergency. You will get used to it if you switch the flats or tube for the first time also. Now let me tell you the expert fixing process and tricks!

  • Remove wheel from bike: Here at first you will need to place the bike upside down with any stand. You will definitely need to shift the most outsider gear down in this part. Never lean it on because you won’t properly make it and the reason is gravity will make your work harder.
  • Displace the Brakes: If you see that the brakes are interrupting in the middle of the work. You should displace the brakes to make your job easiest. Though different bikes have different system for brakes if you think its displaceable then you can do so.
  • Loose the nuts of the wheel: In this part you need to loosen the nuts with hand or wrench and put silicone spray in it. You don’t need to pull it out completely. Keep in a position when it can be pulled freely. You can free the latch by taking off the wheels which will help you as a beginner.
  • Pull chain from gear discs: At first you need to move the chain. Shift gears in a way where the innermost gears will be on pedal spindle and outer most gears will be on rare wheel. Pull rear derailleur to free clogs from the chain clearly of the gear disc.
  • Pull out old gear: Use a small wrench to release the plunger from inside the threaded cylinder. Loose the cap from the valve tip and then take out the old valve.
  • Pump up new tube: Now pump up the new tube until it’s full. The valve stem has lock ring so whenever you want to attach with it make sure the locks are open. Adjust the tube with the valve stem and make the lock close. Carefully see if it sticks out right place or not.
  • Put back tube onto inner room with wheel frame: Place the tube by adjusting inside the channel of wheel rim. You can tug the tire by one hand while you push the other side.
  • Fill new tube with air on the wheel: See the outer part and pump up so that the air of the pump matches with PSI.
  • Rearrange every released part: Now rearrange back with tighten up the nuts, placing the brakes back and attach with the wheels again.
  • Put bike back to the regular place: Now make the stand release from the bike and move to its regular position. Now you’re ready to rock on the road.

How to change bike inner tube?

bike tube

You can remove the inner tire by following steps where very fist you’ll remove wheel from bike, remove the inner tube, insert a new one over there, inflate the inner tube and at last check if there’s any problem or not. With the entire procedure you’re done changing into new one.

How to change a bicycle tube?

Well, I would like to tell you that the road bike and bicycle both have same functions. If you can change a road bike tube by above mentioned process definitely you can change a bicycle tube with similar steps.

How to change a bike tube without help of tire levers?

See it’s not so hard to do this job just follow my instruction and do exactly like it. So at first put the slack in a place, by using the slack push tire from rim, Check on debris, now refit the tire, a little bit inflate the tube, insert new inner tube, make fitting for second tire, push the valve and pump it up. Within these few steps now you’re completely ready to change a bike tube without tire lever.


Many of you ride a bike but if you don’t know how to maintain it then the servicing charge will be burden on you. Let’s start practicing so that we don’t have to go to mechanics for the little things. You should adore the thing which will keep you fit. Now this time I’m sure you’ve learned many things which will surely help you.