The Best SAVA HERD6.0 with T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle.

Since technologies are being developed day by day, carbon fiber 700c road bicycle is something that most of the people frequently use for. Cycling has created so many ways to save money and time. In fact people who ride cycles for always they keep fit because the rider doesn’t need to walk, run or to do any kind of workouts.

It is necessary to choose high quality bicycle which can maintain all of our efforts and gives us less stress. If someone can have their range between $2000 then it will be the finest decision to have it. If you are already searching something like this then this is only for you.

What you can have?

  • You will have strong frames and fork.
  • There will not need to replace anything to increase speed.
  • The ultimate V brakes with correct balance.
  • To quickly move the wheels it has T800 carbon fiber with 50mm.
  • You will get unique design with light weighted feature.

What you cannot have?

  • You will not have aluminium toray.
  • The group set will not come without 105 shimano feature.
  • You cannot have less configuration of seat post.
  • The rare functional design to find out.


The Principal Features:

  • Brake Lever:

The brake is all about to ensure safety that’s the reason to purchase the bicycle with high quality brake. The brake with ultimate V shape makes sure to work perfectly to stop on any ups and downs area. Whether it’s in nonstop rain or storms outside the bicycle just works fine.

  • Assembled part:

The most high class bicycles are well assembled. Most of the bikes are pre assembled. As you will have all the tools you can fix every possible thing so you can construct them in between 1 hour. If you find it difficult then you can take help from a mechanic.

  • Carbone made body:

The entire bike which is carbon made and It is so well structured that nobody can take their eyes off from it. The seat post, stays, seat tubes and wind tunnels are well colored. All the cables are well settled. It has the capacity to carry large amount of weight also.

SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle

Carbon Fiber


The common problem in today’s most jam-packed world is to face traffic jam. To put an end of this problem I always prefer to use a carbon fiber 700c road bicycle. The seat post to the wind tunnels is so well settled that can adjust with anybody starting from beginner to pro level. However, this must have item had gave me the chance which I can never imagine of. I had to reach to meet one of my friends who were badly injured and hospitalized. I had nothing but to travel with it and reached in just 20 minutes of 45 minutes distance. But if you cannot utilize your effort to use it then there’s possibility you may end up fed up of it.

This is my major reason behind to add a review here. The only purpose is to help you to take your own decision perfectly. Happy cycling!

SAVA HERD6.0 T800 Carbon Fiber 700C Road Bicycle

What should you look for a beginner’s road bicycle?

To buy something like this type of bicycles one should fix the budget. Suppose If you could choose between $2000 for the bicycles or $3000 you will absolutely be amazed with the features. As the range vary with the quality and all. The strong performance depends mostly with which material it is build with. The must have material is carbon fiber bicycle to travel into any hilly areas to the stormy areas. The strong feature, the body material to the wheels all this things should be the priority. If you ride one time as a trial I’m sure you will thank me later on.

Commonly Asked Questions:

1st Question: How much can a carbon fiber 700c road bicycle weight?

Answer: As this is made with high class functionality. It has very light weight. The weight is approximately 20lbs. It may differ according to the size or brand. You can easily use it and also it can be shifted in anywhere without much effort.


2nd Question: Do carbon bicycles break easily?

Answer: Carbon bikes are considered most strong material bicycles than aluminium material. The flexibility and the long time durable features are all included with it.


3rd Question: Why are 2020 bikes so expensive?

Answer: As passing with times more features are adding day by day as per the chaos of buyer. But there is a lot of variation where the strongest ones are bit expensive. The question is not how expensive but how you are being safe by using it.


To conclude the whole thing in one sentence can never be done. In case you got any confusion about the carbon bicycle by now the dilemma must be clear.

If you ever take any decision and didn’t work out then it’s time you should be proud on buying this bicycles. The bicycle is made with all type of modern technology and so as a beginner you have less chance of risk, very light weighted, durable and easily shift-able from anywhere with less effort. The people who already using this carbon road bicycle have never changed into any other thing. It will surely keep you fit.