Story Bike

The STORY bike is a special kind of bike that is designed to help people tell their stories. The bike has a built-in camera, microphone, and speaker and is equipped with special software that allows people to record and share their stories with others. The bike also has a GPS that tracks the rider’s progress and records their location. 

The bike is available for rent or purchase and can be used for various purposes, including

  • Recording and sharing your story with the world.
  • Sharing your story with your friends and family. 
  • Documenting your travels.
  • Creating a visual and audio record of your life.

The STORY bike is a unique and innovative way to share your story with the world. Whether you’re looking to document your travels, share your story with your friends and family, or want to share your story with the world, the STORY bike is the perfect tool.

story bike

Story Bike Review

A story bike is a specially designed bicycle that allows the rider to read a book while pedaling. The bike has a handlebar-mounted book holder and a pedal-operated book page-turner. The rider can pedal at a leisurely pace while enjoying a good book. 

Gail Taylor, a librarian from California, invented the story bike. She was looking for a way to encourage people to read more and get some exercise at the same time. The story bike has been a hit with both kids and adults. It has been used in libraries, schools, and parks worldwide.

There are a few different models of story bikes available.

  • The Original Story Bike is the most basic model. It has a handlebar-mounted book holder and a pedal-operated book page-turner.
  • The Deluxe Story Bike has a built-in speaker system, so you can listen to your book as you ride.
  • The Ultimate Story Bike has a built-in display to read your book while riding. 

If you love to read and you love to ride, then a story bike is the perfect ride for you.

STORY bike


Where Are Story Bikes Manufactured?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as many companies manufacture story bikes. However, some of the most popular brands include Trek, Specialized, and Giant. These companies have factories worldwide, so story bikes are likely manufactured in many countries.

How Much Does A Story Bike Weigh?

A story bike made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber could weigh as little as 10-15 pounds. However, if the bike is made from heavier materials such as steel, it could weigh 20-30 pounds or more. The rider’s weight also plays a role, as a heavier rider will require a stronger and heavier bike to support their weight.

How Much Does A Hemingway bike Cost?

Assuming you are referring to the Hemingway electric bike, they start at $2,499.99. The Hemingway is an electric bike that is designed for city commuting. It has a 250-watt motor that is powered by a 36-volt battery. 

The battery is located in the rear rack and can be removed for charging. The bike ranges up to 25 miles on a single charge. The Hemingway has a 7-speed Shimano gear set with fenders and a rear rack. 

It also has a front headlight and a rear taillight for safety. The bike has a weight limit of 250 pounds. The Hemingway electric bike is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to driving or taking public transportation. 

It is an eco-friendly and cost-effective way to get around the city.

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Colnago Bike


This bike is designed to make it easy for people to get around town. The bike has a step-through frame that makes it easy to get on and off, and it has a comfortable seat that is easy to adjust. The bike also has a basket that can be used to carry groceries or other items. 

The bike is available in two sizes and comes in either a black or white finish.